ShoppyUp in Washington D.C.- An unforgettable trip!

Washington D.C. is one of the most beautiful places we have visited. Probably there are places out there which are amazingly beautiful, but the nation’s capital was fascinating. Its people, the traffic, the streets, the architecture, the weather (truly cold in Winter, of course) and the food were awesome. We stayed at a very nice hotel, not that expensive, by the way, barely 126 dollars by the night (The State Plaza Hotel) truly close to almost all of the attractions by foot. There are lots of food trucks around the park, so you will never starve. This is an an excellent season to visit Washington D.C. Don’t forget to bring clothes for jogging and comfortable shoes for walking! You’ll need them unless you have a car. The city is very big though the White House is not! It’s just a magic thing of the movies that make it look as though it were enormous, but it is not.

One thing we noticed is that people don’t mind walking slow! We have been to many capital cities where people simply walk fast even on the weekends. They have to make it on time somewhere they don’t have to go to because it is Saturday or Sunday. Here it was great to see everyone walking slowly and peacefully towards, the Capitol, the White House or the Park!

Visiting Washington D.C. was an experience we’ll never forget! We loved the way people took care of us at the Starbucks by the Hamilton Hotel! The employees were patient and explanatory as to the types of sandwiches and exquisite drinks they offer. If you ever have time and money, consider going to Washington!

Take a look at the guide book in the picture and try to find one. It has all of the attractions you can do while in the city!

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